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The Dhamma Works is comprised of an awe-inspiring group of human beings, who strive to educate others via a multi-disciplinary curriculum. Passionate about making the world a better place, we come from a diverse field of professions, lending our expertise to demonstrate that ambition & social responsibility are not mutually-exclusive.

The Dhamma Works is changing lives, by changing Minds. The fundamental difference between success & failure is the state of Mind! A developed Mind is one's greatest asset. Unfortunately, for most, the Mind is their greatest liability. For those living in poverty, who have access to nothing more than a basic education, this is especially true.

The Dhamma Works, to remedy this misfortune and level the playing field, empowers the individual by providing the resources necessary for mental development. When one is confident that they possess the assets to be competitive professionally, dreams & prosperity become much more achievable.

The Dhamma Works is avant-garde. In response to the dearth of practical techniques which yield immediate results, we utilize centuries-old mental development exercises that are as effective & efficient today as 2,500 years ago. The result is the evolution of the Mind from scattered, uncontrolled thoughts, to profound concentration, awareness & tranquility.

The Dhamma Works, unmoved by profit margins, is enriched by the investment we make in improving the quality-of-life of those we serve. Our success is measured by the confidence we nurture in others, knowing they possess the essential qualities to progress on the Path to Prosperity.

Change Your MIND - Change Your Life

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About our founder - SAM UDDIN


During a career as a business owner & manager, Sam assumed responsibility for six businesses that were either struggling or under duress. Using an effective networking & wholesale strategy, he managed businesses of various dimensions & domains, transforming them into efficient money-makers. Sam also established & developed two businesses, from start-up to stability, covering overhead expenses within months of launch.

After seventeen+ years of building & managing businesses of various dimensions & domains, a vacation was much needed. During the next twenty-seven months, first at Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel, New York & then in forest monasteries in Sri Lanka, to gain insight into the mind & how it works, Sam engaged in rigorous meditation practice under the guidance of meditation masters. With training often lasting twelve+ hours-per- day, using traditional Samatha (tranquility) & Vipassana (insight) methods - mindfulness, concentration & awareness were noticeably enhanced.

While in Sri Lanka, Sam completed 5000+ hours of Satipatthana, Anapanasati & Metta methods of meditation. Using the techniques learned, he is extremely proficient at guiding beginners to experienced practitioners in their mental development, by overcoming obstacles which hinder growth. Possessing a unique ability to lucidly explain various methods of meditation, practitioners will easily understand & be able to implement the lessons into their daily practice & lives.

The Teachings are remarkably beneficial to improving one's quality of life, & essential to cultivating intellectual & spiritual growth.