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individual & group classes for the public/private & corporate sector


Meditation Instruction

Meditation is the core of the curriculum at The Dhamma Works. Meditation is an elevated state-of-mind, arising when concentration, awareness & tranquility have been established via Mental Development. These mental states must be developed before one is ready for peak mental performance.

Improved concentration, awareness & tranquility are essential to eradicating stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, the stigma associated with bullying, peer-pressure, isolation, attention-deficit disorder, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and most mental afflictions.

Come, learn the fundamentals necessary to develop the Mind... See how to incorporate the lessons into your daily life…


Motivational speaking

Using the Spoken Word, we aim to inspire the transformation of mind, development of good mental habits, unleash one's profound genius to realize sustained success. Words of Wit & Wisdom are shared, to help others realize, the ingredients to prosperity are inherent within us.

Change your mind… Change your life…


Life & career coaching

Quite often, the difference between success & failure, is Mental Development. When one has discipline, diligence, determination & drive, success comes much easier. Good mental habits can be learned & developed. By giving the tools & teaching the individual how to use them, The Dhamma Works is establishing in the individual the necessary traits required to overcome life’s many obstacles, and progress along the Path of Prosperity.

Our Reach is Twofold: One, to Enable those who already have attained some level of success and want to reach the apex of their profession, but require further mental development to do so; Two, to bring the training & resources to those who have the capability, but not the means or resources to realize goals & dreams.



Teaching youth & young adults how to set goals & plan a career, that is tailored to their strengths, character and personality. The Dhamma Works employs Eastern & Western methods of philosophy & psychology to coach & mentor those who would otherwise have no access to such resources.

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Business Consultation

Helping young entrepreneurs in developing & implementing business plans and methodically executing the steps necessary to realizing the idea, from start-up to stability, while maintaining a commitment to remaining environmentally friendly & socially-conscious.

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